Who is the memory foam mattress for?

People who tend to suffer from back pain, poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatism or those who have old mattresses that no longer support the spine are the best customers for this type of product. The vertebral discs are connected by means of the nerve inputs to different parts of the body, from which it is clear that an incorrect posture is linked to headache, neck pain and teeth grinding.

If you are wondering, where do I find the leading memory foam mattresses

Furthermore, an advantage of this material is to disperse or retain heat based on the outside temperature, which is very useful for those sensitive to temperatures seeking a balance during sleep.

Being an ergonomic mattress, it changes its shape in accordance with the weight on it, changing shape cyclically based on the positions of the subject sleeping on it. Once the imprint of the body is formed, it returns to the original forms after minutes.

Is memory foam natural?

There are products sold off as natural memory on the market but this is false.

The material with which the mattresses are made is in viscous and elastic polyurethane foam.

This is a synthetic product, produced in the laboratory and absolutely non-existent in the natural environment.

If there are retailers and shops trying to sell you a natural memory mattress, know that it is impossible and that the retailer is trying to sell you a product whose characteristics are quite different.

Natural memory foam does not exist and owes its merits to years of scientific research.

Natural latex mattress: what is it?

The natural latex mattress is also ergonomic but unlike memory foam, it uses latex as an elective material.

The natural latex comes from the processing of rubber and its biological composition preserves the benefits by letting the skin transpire and prevents any harmful effects caused by the chemical substances, as instead caused by the synthetic latex, the latter coming from oil.

How to recognize a natural latex mattress?

Looking at the inside of the mattress is the first thing to do, in fact, the wording 100% latex or latex or natural or vegetable origin must be engraved. According to national laws, a latex mattress deserves this wording only when it has at least 85% of natural material, with a small addition of mixed latex, to face the problems of availability that has characterized this product for years.