The pros and cons of the memory foam mattress:

How is memory foam-born?

The memory foam mattress owes its invention in the eighties to none other than NASA, which needed to create something capable of absorbing the effects of gravity to which astronauts were subjected when departing and returning from space. It was used to make seat and space cover padding.

When NASA released the patent, the idea was immediately born to make mattresses able to absorb and distribute weight. The unexpected failure of the first outings of the memory mattresses was due to the really excessive cost. A problem which has been overcome today without having affected the quality of this type of mattress which, in fact, has meanwhile evolved and perfected and is on the market at affordable prices.

Advantages of the memory foam mattress:

•    It adapts to the body with its warmth.

•    The thermosensitivity makes sure that the mattress adapts according to heat and body weight, and then returns to the starting position.

•    It adapts to the spine.

•    It is made with a viscoelastic material that adapts perfectly to the spine, without leaving voids and, above all, minimizing any gravitational thrust.

•    Keeps the body temperature stable.

•    The memory foam mattress is breathable despite its conciseness. In fact, it has a structure made with tiny holes that allow air to escape and circulate to eliminate excess moisture. Not only, therefore, the mattress remains “ventilated” but is able to maintain constant body temperature.

•    It is designed to last over time.

•    Among the mattresses on the market, memory foam, if made with top quality materials, is the most durable and resistant. Also due to the density of the two layers with which it is made.

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Disadvantages of the memory foam mattress:

•    Little elasticity the little elasticity of memory foam mattresses is equivalent to the limited possibility of movement during sleep.

•    The inability to use blankets for the memory foam mattress adapts according to the heat of the body. Therefore using a blanket would add heat that would affect its “deformation” (which would, therefore, be different from the real one of the body).

•    Maybe too hot the memory foam mattress is sometimes considered too hot. Despite being made of thermosensitive material capable of stabilizing body temperature, customers sometimes complain of excessive heat.