One-fits-all mattresses – a modern myth:

In bed it literally goes round: About 26 times we turn back and forth every night. Although it may happen that one wakes up from the movement before, for our physical health but it is essential. According to medical doctors, if we spend up to eight hours in one and the same position, our discs will suffer from the movement deficit. You need to turn the nutrient fluid sufficiently. If this does not happen, back problems are inevitable.

A pillow that adapts to different sleeping positions

However, this also means that we constantly change our sleeping position, which is why our “equipment” should be optimally adapted to it. A pillow that does a great job of sleeping on your back does not have to be suitable for sleeping on the side at the same time. Tempur has tackled this problem and brought to the market with the sleeping pillow a true all-rounder. With its kidney shape, it does not have much in common with a conventional pillow and it does not really fit into the classic pillowcases, but once you’ve slept with it, the return to normal pillows is almost impossible. The perhaps irritating shape at first glance is particularly ergonomic and thus tailored to the needs of people who move a lot during their sleep. The special highlight of the pillow is its special pressure sensitivity, which is also typical of the popular tempur mattresses. It ensures that the pillow always adapts to the head and the respective lying position. In particular, back and side sleepers enjoy great comfort while sleeping with the Sonata.

Use discount and sleep better faster

The pillow is available in two sizes and also suitable for allergy sufferers. Also, the necessary hygiene is thought: The cover is removable and washable up to 60 ° C. So if you want to sleep relaxed and wake up without neck tension, we recommend you to strike directly and order the sleeping pillow Tempur Sonata. In the online shop it costs just 99$ instead of the usual 139$ and thus offers a relatively cheap entry into the tempur world.

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